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See how phentermine can help Phentermine Guide

Phentermine Overview

Contraindications and warnings

If you are overweight, there is a temptation to take several diet medications at the same time. You should not mix phentermine with anything else unless it is specifically approved by your doctor. In particular, do not take phentermine at the same time as fenfluramine. Some years ago, this combination was called Phen-Fen and it was considered a safe and effective treatment. Unfortunately, evidence emerged over time that continued use caused damage to the valves of the heart. The combination marketed by the manufacturer was withdrawn from the market on safety grounds. Similarly, the combination with dexfenfluramine can produce pulmonary hypertension — a dangerous rise in blood pressure in the lungs which can be fatal. If you experience pain in your chest, find it difficult to breathe, faint and your ankles swell, this is an emergency and you should get immediate treatment.

One of the side-effects of phentermine is drowsiness and a slowing in reaction times. It is therefore unsafe to drive or to operate any machine requiring you to be alert. This side-effect is more likely if you have also consumed alcohol. It is better to avoid drinking any alcohol, even in low concentrations, at any time during your course of treatment or in the days immediately after finishing.

More generally, you should recognize that phentermine is a controlled substance. You should not start to take this drug if you have a history of problems with alcohol or other drugs. You should also discuss the issues if any member of your close family has problems of addiction. If this drug is abused, i.e. you take too much or you take it for too long, it can be habit-forming. This means you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop. It is not advisable to stop suddenly. Your doctor will guide you through a slow reduction in the daily dose so that your body slowly grows used to the absence of phentermine. You should be prepared for unpleasant side-effects during this time.

What should you tell your physician?

Starting with the possible drug interactions, you must tell your doctor if you have ever had an allergic reaction to any drug in the amphetamine class or to a drug that stimulates the central nervous system. In particular, you should not begin taking phentermine if you are also currently taking an antidepressant in the Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) class. Be careful because MAOIs are sometimes used to help people quit smoking. You must allow at least 14 days to pass before starting phentermine. This allows the MAOI to wash out of your body. For similar reasons, do not mix phentermine with antidepressants that increase the levels of serotonin in your brain. If you take medication to relieve high blood pressure such as Ismelin, you should discuss the risks with your doctor. Diabetics should also take care.

If you are talking through the risks and benefits of phentermine with your own healthcare professional, there will be access to your medical records. But if you are buying phentermine online, you must be honest and disclose whether you suffer from any of the following:

  • arteriosclerosis or any other disease of the vascular system;
  • high blood pressure or heart disease;
  • hyperthyroidism, i.e. an overactive thyroid;
  • epilepsy or any other disorder causing seizures;
  • high levels of anxiety or panic; or
  • problems with your eyesight including glaucoma.

It may be that there are potential problems with drug interactions or that the phentermine will cause the existing problems to grow worse.


Finally, it is wise to tell your doctor if you are planning to become or you are actually pregnant. There is a lack of information about the effects of phentermine on the unborn child. However, there is some evidence that phentermine enters breast milk so do not use this drug while you are breast feeding.

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